Social Media Marketing

Aaron Davis portrait

Social media is your least expensive and fastest approach to grow your business and start increasing your client base. Do not invest a lot of time on the social media sites. Build strong meaningful relationships. Start small, spend 10 minutes each day and get social!

Here are three ways to get you started:


A professional network that connects you to your contacts, peers, customers and employees. Creat a professional profile, stay in touch with your colleagues and friends, find experts in your field and build your professional reputation.


Promote your business. Create groups and interact with those group on a regular basis. Become 'friends' with others in your profession. As you increase your friends list and regularly keep in contact you will see an increase of traffic to your website.


You'll want to generate lists which are specific to particular topics and you'll want to join lists that have to do with your topic. Utilize the # hastags and follow people where appropriate.